The Club was formed in 1991 and comprises up to 45 members.

The Club is based in Plymouth and meets regularly on the fourth Thursday of each month, at Plympton Library, to enact the routine business of the Club and also to hear a talk from a local speaker.

As well as the regular monthly Thursday meetings, which are open only to members and invited guests, we also hold regular events which are open to friends and 'other halves'. These include a Walk and a Pub Lunch each month.

As Plymouth is on the Devon/Cornwall border, we are well-favoured with places to walk, ranging from coastal paths to moorland walks with commanding views, and there is also a variety of woodland and countryside trails. On the pubs front, the same variety is present, with a wide range of hostelries in Plymouth itself and out in the surrounding country and coastal villages.

We also organise a number of 'Special Events' such asWine Tastings; meals out at places of interest or notable for their good food, and the occasional few days away at a Hotel or other holiday centre.

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