Founded in 1991



The Club shall be called the Smeaton Probus Club


2.1 The Club shall be independent of any other organisation, and its affairs shall be conducted under the authority of its own membership within this constitution.
2.2 The Club will normally assemble each month for fellowship, conversation, and to arrange guest speakers and social events.


3.1 There shall be a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary, and Honorary Treasurer. The affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee consisting of these officers and two additional members, all to be elected by simple majority at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
3.2 If the office of Chairman or Vice Chairman becomes vacant, that office shall be filled by the immediate past Chairman until the next AGM, except that where there are three or more monthly meetings before the next AGM, a Special General Meeting (SGM) shall be called as soon as possible for the election of a Chairman.
3.3 If the office of Honorary Secretary or Honorary Treasurer or the position of an ordinary member of the Committee becomes vacant the Committee shall co-opt as necessary.
3.4 Three members of the Committee shall form a quorum and the Committee shall have the power to co-opt and appoint a sub-committee and to delegate tasks to members
3.5 The Chairman of the Club shall retire from office on completion of one year in the chair but he shall become an ex officio member of the Committee for the year following his retirement.
3.6 No ordinary member of the Committee shall be eligible to serve as such for more than two consecutive years.


4.1 Nomination for ordinary membership shall be open to professional and business men who have partially or fully retired from their normal profession or business.
4.2 The total ordinary membership shall not exceed 45 members.
4.3 An applicant for ordinary membership shall be introduced by an existing member of the Club. Particulars of the applicant shall be given by his proposer at a monthly meeting of the Club. The application shall be considered by the Committee and, if approved, the Honorary Secretary shall invite the applicant into ordinary membership if a vacancy exists or include his name on a waiting list pending such a vacancy.
4.4 Ordinary members on joining shall be required to pay the full current annual subscription together with the current joining fee, will enjoy full voting rights and will be entitled to become officers/committee members subject to nomination and election procedures.
4.5 An ordinary member leaving the district may retain his ordinary membership until December of the year in which he leaves, after which he will be deemed to be no longer a member unless he has formally resigned or been elected to Life or Honorary Membership
4.6 Annual subscriptions and joining fees shall be determined at each AGM after receiving the Honorary Treasurer's report. Annual subscriptions will be paid within 2 months of the preceding AGM.
4.7 In the event of an ordinary members annual subscription not being paid within six months, or regular absence from the monthly meetings without acceptable reason, the matter shall be referred to the Club Committee for such action as may be necessary.

4.8 If the Committee and membership agree that a member is worthy, he may be elected to become a Life Member after due notice is given to the membership at the preceding monthly meeting. Life Members are not required to pay further annual subscriptions but will continue to enjoy full voting rights and be eligible for nomination/election as Officers/Committee members subject to the nomination and election procedures.

4.9 If the Committee and membership agree that a member or other person is worthy, he may be elected as an Honorary Member after due notice is given to the membership at the preceding monthly meeting. Honorary Members will not be required to pay joining fees or annual subscriptions, nor will they enjoy any voting rights or be eligible to become officers or committee members.


5.1 The normal monthly meeting shall be held on the fourth Thursday of each month. When a Public Holiday occurs during the week of a normal monthly meeting another date may be set by the Committee and published in the programme which covers that period.
5.2 An AGM shall be held annually in October. An agenda along with notice and details of motions to be discussed will be issued to members at the September monthly meeting preceding the AGM and sent to members absent from that meeting by post or by electronic means. A member wishing to raise a matter for debate at the AGM must give written notice to the Honorary Secretary at least two weeks prior to the September meeting to allow this procedure to operate.
5.3 The Honorary Secretary shall, following a written request from not less than fifteen ordinary members, call an SGM. Notice of such a meeting, including its purpose, will be sent to members by post or by electronic means.
5.4 Voting at all meetings shall be by show of hands or by secret ballot if so determined by the Chairman of the meeting.
5.5 In the event of an equal division of votes the Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote.
5.6 A member may bring a guest to an ordinary meeting of the Club subject to prior notification to the Chairman or Honorary Secretary.
5.7 A copy of the minutes of the last Committee meeting shall be available at ordinary monthly meetings.


6.1 A bank account shall be held in the name of Smeaton Probus Club to which the signatories shall be the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer. The authorisation and signature of any two of these signatories will be required on all cheques drawn against the Club account.
6.2 Any expenditure exceeding the sum of £100 on any item that will become the property of the Club shall require the approval by simple majority of the membership attending a normal monthly meeting.
6.3 The level of speakers' expenses shall be considered and approved by the Committee.
6.4 An income and expenditure account for the period to the end of August each year shall be prepared and, following audit by two ordinary members of the Club appointed at the previous annual general meeting, be presented for approval at the AGM in that year.


7.1 Proposals to amend this Constitution must be included in the agenda for an AGM or SGM. Firm proposals signed by the proposer and seconder must be given in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least two weeks prior to the September meeting, or at least one calendar month before the meeting.
7.2 A two thirds majority in favour of adoption by those attending the meeting is required to secure amendment of the Constitution.
7.3 A quorum for an AGM or SGM shall be fifteen members of the Club.


8.1 In the event of the dissolution of Smeaton Probus Club, by resolution of any AGM or SGM properly called, the Committee shall realise all the assets of the Club. All outstanding debts shall be settled, including the administration expenses of the Committee in effecting the winding up procedure.
8.2 Subsequently the Honorary Treasurer shall prepare a final statement of account. Any monies and assets remaining upon dissolution, after payment of proper debts and liabilities, shall be donated as agreed by the members who attended the AGM or SGM. The money shall not be distributed to members, but shall be donated to one or more charitable institutions or organisations.
8.3 A copy of the final statement of account and report of the closure shall be sent to the remaining members by post or by electronic means. .


This document was approved at the Special General Meeting of Smeaton Probus Club held on the 28th March 2013 and became effective from that date.

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