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IF THE CAP FITS...... by David Steer, Past Chairman

Oh give me your pity, I'm on a Committee
Which means that from morning to night
We alter and amend and counter and defend
Without a conclusion in sight.

We confer and concur we defer and demur
And reiterate all our thoughts
We revise the agenda with frequent addenda
And consider a load of reports

We compose and propose we suppose and oppose
And points of procedure are fun
But though various notions are brought up as motions
There's terrible little gets done

We resolve and absolve but we never dissolve
Since its out of the question for us
What shattering pity to end our Committee
Where else could we make such a Fuss?

Job Descriptions

The Martyr This person starts off as the most enthusiastic and active member of the organisation, happy to give plenty of their time to do quite a few tasks. Extremely reliable, attending every function, even when ill. This person quickly becomes cynical because he begins to feel unappreciated and over worked. Offers by other members to assist The Martyr are refused because he is afraid of losing control. Typical positions held are Secretary, Publicity or Treasurer.

The Miser This person is generally the organisations treasurer. Obsessed with finances, the thought of actually allowing any money to be spent brings him/her out in a cold sweat. The Treasurer generally renders the organisation impotent in actually achieving anything worthwhile. The Miser is more protective over the finances of the organisation than of their own. Again, control freak tendencies are typical of the character of this person.

The Dominator This person says what they like and likes what they say. Unable to listen to anyone else’s point of view because of a belief that he is always right. Always getting their own way, decisions are made by this person that override the general consensus of the committee. Typical position held is Chairperson. Sometimes a bully. Pretty self centred and never shows any vulnerability. When challenged, will fight like a cornered cat.

The Innovator This person is full of new and creative ideas. He/she will challenge the status quo and generally accepted procedure. This person generally gets ignored or is replied to with condescending remarks from other dominant committee members. Can turn into the quitter below.

The Quitter This person tenders their resignation at the slightest sign of disquiet. Generally, this person expects everyone (and nearly always receives) copious requests by other members to “please, please stay on. You do such a good job and we need you” replies. This feeds the quitters ego. Very similar person to The Martyr. Can be any member of the committee.

The Ghost This person has been co-opted onto the committee others, but has no idea why he is there. This person has no views on anything and is happy to go along with the flow and make up the numbers. Rarely speaks and usually feels somewhat out of their depth.

The Mediator Generally a rescuer, this person seeks to follow the middle ground by trying to get folk to agree on a way forward. Does not like conflict, pretty much always polite to all concerned and always thanks everyone for their contribution. Often gets caught in the crossfire because sitting the fence always gives you splinters up your backside.

The Serial Member This person is a committee addict. Probably sits on many committees of various unrelated organisations. Loves to be in the thick of it and enjoys the status, particularly if important office is held. He will often make apologies for non-attendance due to other commitments or will need to leave early to attend another meeting somewhere. Generally, this person is pretty ineffective but is a stickler for protocol and always reminds everyone else of procedure. Can be very narrow minded and is afraid of change, preferring their own comfort zone. Typical position held will be Chairperson or President.